Avoiding the Common Causes of Break Ups

question-mark-97062_1280Relationships are one of the hardest, yet most amazing things humans experience. To have a healthy relationship, both people need to pull together to make things work. Even when trying hard to make a relationship work, some couples simply can’t seem to make things last. Some of the common reasons why people break up can often be avoided with a little effort.

Among the top reasons that couples call it quits are, cheating, lying, financial matters, and only one partner wanting to take their relationship to a higher level. Each one of these relationship destroyers is totally manageable if a couple makes the decision to overcome them. If any of these destructive causes are identified and dealt with early on, a couple can work through them.

One of the reasons that people cheat on each other is because there is something lacking in their relationship. When two people become comfortable with each other they can forget to do the little things that kept their partners attention in the beginning. For some couples, romance gets put on the back burner, along with trying to satisfy their partner in other ways.

This is why it is important to keep up with the little things, and to never forget how much they mean to the other person. Leaving little surprise love notes, stopping for flowers on the way home, or cooking a favorite meal, can all go a long way towards keeping things fresh and real. Another reason people break up is dishonesty.

Not being totally honest with someone can destroy the trust in a relationship, regardless of the reason a lie is told. Couples that take a vow to never lie to each other are couples that can work through whatever comes their way. To be honest about everything helps to strengthen bonds, especially when each partner approaches problems with the desire to make things work no matter what.

When experiencing financial problems, couples need to be honest with each other and willing to overcome the situation. It is vital to set limitations and expectations for spending. By sticking to these rules, couples can overcome their times of financial problems. It is important to set goals and be realistic so that each partner is fully aware of how they will work through money matters.

Some couples experience strife when one partner wants to take their relationship to a deeper level. This often means living together, or getting married. These two things can scare an unwilling partner, causing them to try to flee the relationship instead of carrying it further. When these issues become a problem, the best thing to do is sit down and work through them with honesty.

Being honest about not being ready, yet setting future goals to advance the relationship can be all it takes to comfort each other. There are many other reasons why people break up, but for the most part, if a couple is compatible, they can work through them all. Of course, this takes time, patience, and a willingness to never give up on each other. Love is both awesome and painful at times, but for the couple in love, it is worth fighting for.

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